Avene Cicalfate Lips Restorative Cream - 10ML


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Item No. CA007101

A soothing and nourishing balm for chapped, sensitive lips.

Cicalfate LIPS Restorative Cream nourishes, soothes and protects chapped lips and localised areas of reactive skin of the whole family from the very first application. Its complex of active ingredients with repairing*, soothing and purifying properties help to restore chapped lips caused by climatic conditions, chemical aggressors (irritant household products, etc.) or medical treatments. Also effective around the mouth and the sides of the nose, this highly hydrating formula (up to six hours**) is water-resistant.


A balm formulated for lips chapped or dehydrated by a medical treatment. Can also be applied to the area around the mouth and nose, on the face or in localized areas, to soothe discomfort.

• REPAIR* and soothing** of cracked, chapped lips. Sucralfate, an original active ingredient, helps repair dry skin. Zinc Sulfate limits skin contamination.
• HYDRATION: the repairing* balm combines nourishing agents (plant-based waxes, oils) and Glycerin (humectant) for lasting comfort.
• PROTECTION: the “water-in-oil” formulation creates a water-resistant film. Soothing Avène Thermal Spring Water with softening properties, soothes the fragile skin of the lips, mouth contour and nose.